Ivanka Trump: Friend or Foe?

One would be forgiven in thinking that Ivanka Trump, the strong, independent business woman who occasionally sacrifices a massage for the greater good of the country, was a beacon of hope in the Trump administration.  The last few months have seen the downfall of her fashion line, the plummet in sales of her self-help book and, after a particularly awkward reaction to her speech at the Women20 Summit, the collapse of her reputation.  So, have we just lost our ‘secret progressive buddy’ to the wolves or were our hopes just pinned to the least psycho-looking wolf all along?

After Nordstrom’s decision to drop Ivanka’s fashion line earlier this year, Sean Spicer said that it was a ‘direct attack’ on the President and, for a moment, the world geared up for Trump’s very angry phone call to Nordstrom’s father also asking why his daughter couldn’t come to play anymore.  Ivanka’s fashion line didn’t go down well mainly because we had seen it all before in Chanel and Celine Trapeze’s previous collections.  Everyone loved the sling-backs and tote bags, yes, but like hell was anyone going to fork out another couple thou for a bag that would hold the same social status as her father’s caps.

Ivanka’s book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, faced a bigly amount of criticism after it was published this week.  Many reviews bashed the author for giving generic advice to upper-middle-class white women and for not recognising her own privileged life.  Many people have pinpointed this unintentionally amusing quote showing a “concerned” Ivanka to be debunking the superwoman myth, ‘I began to wonder whether I had been doing women who work a disservice by not owning the reality that, because I’ve got an infant, I’m in my bathrobe at 7am and there’s pureed avocado all over me’.  I don’t have children myself but, from the horror stories I have heard, I think she should be very thankful that it was avocado she was covered in and, actually, at quite a reasonable time in the morning.  I am also going to ignore the fact that she said pureed avocado – could she be any more distant from women who work, who don’t have familial support, who don’t earn a bajillion pounds a year and who don’t even own a bathrobe?!

Ivanka’s book did include, however, many quotes from people who have previously criticised her father and his administration, including a quote from Jane Goodall, who hopes that she will take the ‘full import [of her words] to heart’.  Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson, two known Clinton supporters, also featured in the book, sparking hope within us all that her democratic ways didn’t perish at the sight of her most recent pay cheque.  Ultimately, whether Ivanka has been taken by the wolves or has always been a wolf herself she is ‘in a position to do much good or terrible harm’.  We must simply remain hopeful that her meetings with Leonardo DiCaprio weren’t just to fulfil her teenage dreams but that she is sincerely trying to prevent her father from pulling the plug on us all because, otherwise, sad.

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